Initial Consultation (1 hour) - (NZ)$140

In this session we will review your past health history and talk about your current complains. We will address the issues that matter most to you and formulate a strategy and practical steps you can take to move forward. We are all unique and no two people with the same condition are the same. There is not one cookie cutter approach or one diet that fits all. This is about supporting your unique body the best possible way so it can heal itself. After scheduling your appointment as a new client, you will receive an Intake Form to be completed and returned prior to your appointment.

Follow-up Consultation (45min) - (NZ)$100

Regaining good health is more often than not a journey that is taken step by step, one day at a time. In a follow up consultations we track the progress, answer questions that have come up, give feedback, tweak and change your protocol as needed to support you in the best possible way.

Acute Mini consultation (15min) - (NZ)$40

This is a quick check-in for urgent questions that have come up around your current protocol or an acute situation.

All consultations are held on Skype or by phone.

To book and appointment please email or use our enquiries form. If you are uncertain whether a nutrition consultation could help you, please get in touch to arrange a FREE introductory 10min phone call to help you gain clarity and explain how I may be able to support you.

We aim to offer affordable natural health care to all of our clients. Concession rates may be available, please enquire at the time of booking.