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Detoxification is a critical process for achieving and maintaining health, for healing and for preventing disease. Our health - now and as we age - depends on our ability to efficiently detoxify and eliminate waste and toxins. It is critical that we care for our livers who offer us protection and cleanse our bodies from toxins on a daily basis. We also need to support our lymphatic system, gut, kidneys and bloodstream to cleanse efficiently and avoid toxin build-up. Everyone is physiologically unique, has a different viral and bacterial load and had different exposure to environmental toxins. Our detoxification pathways get overwhelmed and ‘clogged up’ easily in response to poor diet, stress, illness, medication and environmental toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Inherited toxins that are passed on over generations add to our bodies' overall toxic burden which plays a major role in the development of chronic illness.

The purpose of a detox or cleanse is to give your body dedicated time and support to clean itself of accumulated waste products and toxins which have built up over time. But there are also many simple things that you can incoroprate into your daily routine to cleanse your body that are incredibly effective and that enable you to implement a detox lifestyle. Be guided to cleanse safely and effectively and at the speed that is right for your body. Discover the foods that speed up detox and learn how to modify and slow it down to avoid unpleasant detox symptoms. Learn how to protect and support your adrenals during a cleanse. This is critical to encourage deep healing as any stress will add an extra burden to your liver.

Cleansing can be useful to:

  • Increase energy levels and just feel better
  • Reduce bloating and improve digestive function
  • Clear up the skin
  • Boost immunity
  • Clear up headaches and mood swings
  • Eliminate allergies
  • Detoxify heavy metals
  • Heal from chronic illness
  • Improve sleep and mood
  • Prepare for pregnancy

  • Get personalised support and guidance to prepare for and complete the Medical Medium 28-Day Healing Cleanse or Liver Rescue 3:6:9. Or be guided to the simple steps you can implement today to cleanse and start healing.

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