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Detoxification is a critical and ongoing process for achieving and maintaining health in our bodies. Up to 80% of all processes of the human body are for detoxification. This means that our health depends largely on our ability to efficiently detoxify and eliminate waste. Everyone is physiologically unique and often the detoxification pathways don’t work equally well in each and every one of us. They also get overwhelmed and ‘clogged up’ easily in response to poor diet, stress, illness, medication and environmental toxins.

The purpose of a detox program is to cleanse the body of accumulated waste products and toxins which have built up over time. These waste products and toxins are stored in fat tissue and organs of the body. A good detox aims to stimulate the detoxification pathways and support the channels of elimination such the kidneys, bowels, liver and skin to allow these toxins to be easily excreted from the body. By excreting these toxins in a fast and efficient manner the body is relieved of the toxic burden leaving you feeling energised and looking great!

At Nourish Your Health all detox programs are individually tailored to your personal needs and may vary in length from 2-6 weeks or longer depending on your health goals.

What’s your detox goal?

  • Increase energy levels and just feel better
  • Reduce bloating and improve digestive function
  • Clear up skin, get shiny hair and strong nails
  • Boost immunity
  • Clear up headaches and mood swings
  • Eliminate allergies
  • Detoxify heavy metals (e.g. mercury from amalgam fillings)
  • Liver cleanse after the silly season
  • Weight loss
  • Preconception detox

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