Pregnancy and Post-Natal

Pregnant Belly

The journey of pregnancy, birth and becoming a family is a truly magical one!

Each pregnancy is unique and looking after yourself and your baby during this time becomes the number one priority. Creating an internal and external environment of healthy and positive elements will support your body’s own instinctive knowledge and ability to nourish a safe and enjoyable pregnancy and childbirth.

Pregnancy provides a crucial window of opportunity to nourish and influence your baby’s health. Epigenetic research has shown that the programming of much of our future health actually begins in the mother’s womb in the months before birth. Experiences during sensitive periods of development in the womb as well as early life exposures encode the function of organs that will influence the health status throughout your child's lifetime. The key determinants in this process are the nutritional supply reaching the baby, maternal stress levels and environmental factors (e.g. exposure to chemicals and toxins).

Your nutrition and lifestyle during pregnancy have the ability to give your growing baby the best possible start. And it is never too late for positive changes at any stage of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Care:

  • Optimising the physical and emotional wellbeing of the mother
  • Maintaining optimal maternal nutritional status and ensure healthy weight gain
  • Ensure optimal nutrient supply to the growing baby to optimise genetic expression
  • Preventing birth defects, low birth weights or immune disturbances
  • Preventing or alleviating symptoms of common health complaints, such as nausea and vomiting, heartburn/reflux, constipation, fatigue, stretch marks, fluid retention, pre-eclampsia, and gestational diabetes.

Preparing for Birth:

  • Education around birth options and gathering of your birth team
  • Ensuring your nutritional stores and energy reserves are high before giving birth
  • Prepare your birth kit with remedies to enhance birth and assist with immediate post-natal healing or sleep

Post-Natal Care:

  • Nutritional support for breastfeeding and milk supply
  • Birth recovery and speedy healing of uterine tissue or scar tissue
  • Support energy levels
  • Relief of mastitis
  • Balancing hormonal health
  • Help with anxiety and depression
  • Healthy post-baby weight loss