Weight Management

Coconut Water

Find your healthy weight through better health!

Both unwanted weight gain and weight loss can significantly affect our physical and emotional health.

No aspect of health is more contradictory, confusing and frustrating than weight loss. The weight loss industry is huge and there seems to be no end to new weight loss diets all promising to be the next quick fix. Although some diets may sometimes work in the short term, they rarely do in the long term. Decreased energy and vitality, hormone or organ imbalances, jojo-weight gain and frustration are often the consequence. You may have tried it all and feel like no matter how hard you try, sustainable weight loss seems impossible to achieve. You may feel deep down that there is more to it than diet and excercise and the concept of a "slow metabolism". On the other side, the inability to maintain or gain weight can be just as frustrating.

Unwanted weight gain and weight loss originate in the liver and the factors that burden it in the first place, such as adrenal strain, pathogens, toxic load and chronic illness. There is a path to a healhty weight and healing the underlying key issues by nourishing your body with whole, clean plant-based foods.

I would like to assist you in finding and achieving your own body’s healthy weight by:

  • Giving you a deeper undertstanding of your body and your weight issues.
  • Guiding you to better health and healthy, sustainable weight loss using the Medical Medium teachings.
  • Working with you on healing your liver and releasing the toxins that cause your body to retain weight.
  • Showing you how chronic illness and autoimmune disease affect your ability to lose weight.
  • Bringing in the healing foods that will support weight loss.
  • Supporting you compassionately and walking this journey with you.