Weight Management

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Find your own body’s healthy weight!

Both unwanted weight gain and weight loss can significantly affect our physical and emotional health.

Although most of us may only think of weight loss when it comes to weight management, for some people weight gain can be an important step to improve overall health or to help heal specific conditions, such as balancing irregular or absent menstrual cycles, improving fertility, regulating hormonal imbalances or recovering from drug therapy.

Weight or fat loss can be an important health goal for a variety of reasons: to improve fertility, reduce the risk of chronic disease, manage cardiovascular disease and diabetes, bounce back after pregnancy, for a special event, as part of a detox, or simply to improve overall health and energy levels.

So, how do you lose weight? There seems to be no end to new weight loss diets all promising to be the next quick fix. Although some fad diets may sometimes work in the short term, they rarely do in the long term. Decreased energy and vitality, hormone or organ imbalances, jojo-weight gain and frustration are often the consequence.

Unwanted weight gain can result from a number of factors, not just diet and exercise. Successful and sustained weight loss can only be achieved by getting to the true cause of your weight gain. This requires looking at the typical weight loss factors, such as diet, lifestyle, and exercise but also investigating for imbalances specific to the individual which may sabotage the weight loss efforts. Underlying drivers of weight gain are often multifactorial and may include hormonal and metabolic imbalances, poor detoxification and digestive function, nutrient deficiencies, poor sleeping habits and stress.

At Nourish Your Health we can assist you in finding and achieving your own body’s healthy weight by:

  • Thoroughly investigating your health to find the true factors that are causing your weight gain / weight loss
  • Creating realistic and effective eating regimes that ensure optimal nutrition
  • Developing your personal diet and lifestyle measures to maintain optimal weight and health in the long-term
  • Supporting and empowering you compassionately all along the way