Lovely Feedback

What workshop participants say:

I recently attended a workshop run by Julia. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Julia shared a variety of useful and interesting health tips along with some easy, practical steps to achieve better health. The information she shared was not that which you commonly find on the internet, but everything she said was founded upon good sense and an understanding about how our bodies function and how these functions can be improved - simply and effectively. I would recommend Julia to anyone and everyone who wants to make a difference to how they feel and to the quality of their life.

Debbie, mother of two | Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Julia’s workshop was jam-packed with valuable info on how to use food as natural medicine to keep your body healthy. I really appreciated her hands-on approach, to get to the essence and use her personal experience to convey her message. The emphasis on keeping it simple and pure very much resonated with me. And the beautiful spread of snacks at the end of it made it all the more tangible and accessible. Highly recommend!

Michelle | Bay of Islands, New Zealand

What clients say:

After years of seeing numerous specialists, alternative therapists and doctors, trying to find a reason why all of a sudden I was experiencing a very strange and unexplainable health issue, Julia took the time and interest to listen to my frustrations, talk through my symptoms and health history to come up with suggestions as to what could be the underlying issue. Instead of focusing on one element of my body, she explained in simple terms how I could eliminate the toxins in my body, and through a period of focusing on juices, correct foods and eliminating any bad foods in my diet, heal myself to good health. I felt so grateful for Julia's understanding, compassion, empathy and positive attitude. She took my concerns and frustrations seriously, and took such an interest and commitment that made me feel like I was not alone and having to figure it all out by myself. Julia kept me motivated to keep going on my journey to good health, she monitored my progress and altered the 'diet', supplements, daily routine and made suggestions as to how I could adapt my personal preferences into the therapy. This was all done by Skype and emails. Thank you Julia for opening my eyes to how my body works and what effects the world and our personal choices have on the health and well-being of each of us.

Kathleen | Sydney, Australia

Holistic! Profound! Enriching! Relieving! Supportive! ...these five words best summarize my experiences with Julia as my health and nutrition consultant. Julia really knew how to read the described symptoms holistically and to identify the causes systematically. Julia's collected knowledge about the connections and effects of nutrition, health, physical and emotional well-being as well as mental and spiritual aspects are profound and enriching. Julia's demonstrated me how to approach the necessary changes step by step – this helped a lot not to despair of the required changes that seem almost impossible at first for me. This was a real relief. Julia’s tailor-made, detailed and easy-to-understand action plans - garnished with tips, recipes and food and health ideas - greatly supported me in implementing the measures easily. Dear Julia, thank you so much for accompanying me so well on my way back to health.

Jan | Hannover, Germany