Julia Allison

My Story

My own health and healing journey has truly cemented my trust in food as medicine. I have worked in the alternative medicine industry since 2009 and have experimented with many diets and different styles of eating over the years. I learned that the one thing I can always trust and rely on is the healing power of plants. Nature provides our medicine and this medicine is right in front of us.

I struggled with digestive issues from age 6. Chronic constipation, chronic severe bloating and nausea after eating have been with me since early childhood. I went through many medical tests as a teenager which didn’t provide any answers so it was assumed that the problem was “in my head” and I was recommend “to just relax and put more butter on your bread”. I spent decades trying to track down offending foods to heal my gut. Digestive stress would ease temporarily but never heal. I used to feel tired a lot, have dark circles under my eyes and get headaches almost daily. I had chronic neck pain and required osteopathic treatments and adjustments monthly. I underwent many root canal treatments early in life of which the cause remained a mystery. My thyroid function was considered to be sluggish and held responsible for my slow bowels, hair loss and tiredness. After years on the pill since heavy bleeding and irregular cycles at menarche as a teenager, a healthy period returned only slowly and very infrequently (we’re talking 45-90 days cycles). My thyroid was blamed again. I was soon diagnosed with polycystic ovaries (PCOS) and my reproductive hormones were declared out of whack - a fate most women share these days!

All these chronic complaints weren’t debilitating to the point that I couldn’t function any more but I felt that there was always something wrong with me. Always something to work on. I felt like my body needed constant fixing and I felt like I had somehow created a lot of the issues. I considered myself healthy, ate what was considered to be healthy according to my education as nutritionist and took quality nutritional and herbal supplements. Symptoms would ease for a while and then flare up again. But they never healed.

After a wonderful natural pregnancy and birth of our son Ayden, my health took a nose dive and I developed post-partum thyroiditis. The tiredness was overwhelming and with it came feelings of anxiety and a level of depression. I would wake up in the morning dreading another long day to get through because I simply lacked all energy. I felt bad for feeling that way because I loved my life, my loving husband and gorgeous baby boy and I loved being a mum. I didn’t understand why my body wasn’t coping. My hair loss reached a whole new level, SIBO and gut issues flared up badly, I had neck pain and frequent UTIs. My period did not come back at all after birth. It was suggested I reduce or stop breastfeeding as it seemed to cause too much strain on my body and hormones. My intuition told me not to stop though. It was important for me to breastfeed and allow my child to wean naturally. Working in the alternative health industry I was surrounded by wonderful colleagues, practitioners, doctors and friends who offered support. I soon started prescription thyroid medication. My energy did get better and my mood lifted too. However, the effect would wear off after a while and I had to keep increasing my dosage periodically. I thought I ate a healthy diet as recommended by the current nutritional science: lots of veg, plenty of healthy fat and protein. No sugar and very little to no fruit. Energy slumps, dark circles under the eyes, brain fog and anxiety came back badly, the hair loss and gut issues never went away. My eye sight deteriorated and my body felt puffy retaining more fluid.

The Medical Medium Thyroid Healing book found me in January 2018. It taught me the true viral cause of thyroid disease and explained the role of Strep, heavy metals and other toxins in all the associated symptoms. The huge amounts of adrenaline secreted while giving birth had fuelled the virus sitting in my liver, ovaries and thyroid and triggered it out of dormancy.

Knowing the true cause of my disease changed everything in an instance. My body didn’t feel broken any more or inherently weak. I understood that my body had been fighting a pathogen all that time and that it was working for me tirelessly every single day.

I started an anti-viral, fully plant based diet including some anti-viral supplements and herbs. I started cleansing heavy metals and other toxins. After 4 months my period came back on my birthday after 3 years and 2 months of amenorrhea post-partum. I have regular 28 day cycles ever since (something I was told would never be possible for me!). Within 6 months I was able to wean myself of my thyroid medication. All thyroid symptoms and all symptoms I thought had been thyroid related disappeared. In the months to come I healed many complaints that had been with me for years, like clenching and grinding teeth at night and recurring neck pain that had required regular adjustments. I learned how to properly care for my liver and I finally found relief from constipation and bloating. And the healing continuous as I peel back more and more layers and cleanse deeper. I was also able to conceive naturally again and am enjoying a healthy pregnancy with baby due in August 2020.

Healing my body with nothing but plants and the right information has been a truly life-changing and empowering experience. And I feel confident that I have the tools to tackle any challenges that may arise going forward. It has been an empowering journey knowing that true healing is happening and it has enabled me to fully trust and love my body again.

I have been studying Medical Medium information ever since, applying it to myself and my family and my clients in practice. I am continuously deepening my own intuition to tap into further layers of healing. My trust in the healing power of nature and the healing abilities of our bodies runs deep.

My wish for you is to experience an equally empowering healing journey for yourself or your family.

You don’t have to do it all yourself. Support and guidance is here for you.