Medicinal & Artisan Health Foods

At Nourish Your Health we are passionate about creating wholesome, nutritious food that tastes great and contains the nutrients and health benefits that we believe should be in the food we eat. Our personal healing journeys, studies in nutritional medicine and clinical nutrition experience have shaped our food philosophy which is reflected in the foods we make. The heart of that philosophy is using only wholefood ingredients. Whole foods are pure unprocessed foods in their natural state. We don’t use any preservatives, additives, stabilisers, fillers, artificial sweeteners, colours or flavourings.

We believe that certified organic produce is nutritionally superior and more cleansing for our body. It provides more essential nutrients and an array of phytochemicals whose enormous range of health benefits we have only just begun to understand. Certified organic and bio-dynamic produce does not pollute our body with toxins, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides and is the most sustainable way of growing food for our planet. The Nourish Your Health product range is made from certified organic and certified bio-dynamic ingredients. Food should bring enjoyment and pleasure. If food is lovingly prepared from wholesome ingredients and eaten mindfully and with joy, its health benefits in the body are increased manyfold.

We would like to share with you nourishing nutritious food that we would have liked to have seen on the shelves when we started our health journey. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we have enjoyed making them.